COLORA ULTRA COLOR Coloring Beauty Treatment

Prix habituel 9.60  incl.VAT

This innovative color treatment, with low-ammonia rate, SLES and SLS free, provides perfect white hair coverage with maximum protection and nourishment thanks to its formula enriched with Goji Extract, Chamomile, and Quaternized Keratin. The new formula with nano molecules and micro molecules guarantees a perfect penetration of color in all hair types, even the less receptive ones, that have progressively lost moisture and elasticity over time, also because of the continuous treatments they have undergone.

COLORA treatment softens the cortex and protects the scalp, repairing the hair in the damaged spots.
An intense, brilliant coloration, even more resistant to washing, with powerful antioxidant and anti-aging effect.

COLORA ULTRA COLOR does not require natural base addition within fantasy nuances, as the same, used as PURE, guarantee 100% coverage.

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