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About Us

In 1987 Peppe Parola thus fulfills a dream, that of being able to continue his hairdressing profession in Luxembourg, in those years he travels a lot in search of inspiration in the big fashion capitals like Paris, this leads him to mature the ambitious desire to grow, to improve and to open his own business in fact in 1995 he opened a shop. In search of quality peppe products he knows the founder of MAXXelle.

Today it is ready to supply you with high-performance 100% made in Italy professional products with research into ingredients with active principles of natural and organic origin, with suitable packaging.

Behind every great product there are always great dreamers. We started from a passion and today we have a highly qualified staff, composed of experienced professionals and established stylists who work every day to improve themselves and their products.

The enthusiasm and the desire to experiment with the beginning have combined with the experience and professionalism, gained over the years, to obtain the only result that is close to our heart: quality.

At the center of everything, as always, people. Because MAXXelle is a large company built around people. People full of enthusiasm, with a true passion for excellence, determined to improve.

The story of MAXXelle is therefore the story of a passion that has evolved over time, to adapt to the increasingly “green” needs of both professional hairdressers and consumers, with the aim of providing a performing product that is as natural as possible .


Peppe Parola

Peppe Parola

Peppe Parola


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